#Closetochuck at Australia’s Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney

Chuck Close: Prints, Process and Collaboration at the MCA in Syndey

Chuck Close: Prints, Process and Collaboration at the MCA in Syndey

This exhibition is all about process. It is all about creation, construction and deconstruction. High resolution. Technical feats. Visual tricks performed by a skilful magician. Yet, a magician who for fame and recognition chooses to break the golden rule: Never reveal your tricks.

You enter the gallery and Lou Reed stares at you. Giants like these will continue to stare at you, appropriately represented by prints of colossal proportions. Kate Moss might even look at you innocently from a velvety rug. Yet, suddenly and without a warning the curtains may come down. Unveil the magic, discover the excruciating meticulous steps behind each final image. Each thread woven in perfect harmony with the next as to recreate the gradients and tones from his astonishing daguerrotype portraits. Each wooden block carved specifically for each tone and color necessary to create the final psychedelic mosaic print.

Then again, why shouldn’t he reveal his tricks? He chooses the most complex and technically challenging mediums to create works that cannot be anything but unique. They are proof of his patience, intelligence and, most of all, devotion. I recommend you take a minute to visit the exhibition’s site to get a little behind the scenes (http://view.ceros.com/mca/discover-chuck-close/). However, this is an experience you can only have in person. You cannot squeeze daguerrotype tapestry prints into the compressed pixels of a jpg.